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Example Silk Top Hat with Hat Box

Silk Plush Top Hat - Vintage Stock

Silk plush top hats have not been readily made new off the shelf for many decades; The Silk Plush (traditionally called Hatters Plush) used in their making was last believed to be produced commercially in bulk in France in the 1970ies. Silk Plush came in many different colours, most predominantly black though other colours were available historically and are very rare to find.

Price varies depending on the individual hat. Smaller sizes can start from around £500 and price increases primarily on Hat Size, but also can vary with style (Hat Shape and Hat Height), the price can also vary with condition.

The most favoured option to wear to the Races is Black Vintage Silk Top Hat, and our range of vintage silk top hats comes with a new hatbox, to keep your hat in good condition.

If you already have your own Silk Top Hat, we may be able to reconform your topper to fit your head more comfortably. (There is a fee for service).

Nb: Old stock photos shown - As each vintage silk top hat is different, the style and condition can vary to those shown.

Please call us to book an appointment on 01344 638 838.
Product Code: ATH-0000-S-B

Colour: Black

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