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Umbrellas, Tippling & Shooting Sticks

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Bamboo Whangee Handle Umbrella - Black Canopy

Classic Whangee Bamboo handle umbrella is perfect for a rain day or dress occasions including Remembrance, Guards Black Sunday and Cavalry Memorial Parade.

Shooting Seat Stick - Black Adjustable Height

Black leather sling seat and covered handles. Fitted with a Spiked ferrule and folding ground plate to prevent the stick sinking into the ground when sat upon.

Shooting Seat Stick - Replacement Rubber Ferrule

Black rubber ferrule for covering the spike on Shooting Seat Sticks to allow fore use on flat surfaces.

Tippling Stick - Tan Crook Handle

Tan Brown Beechwood Tippling Stick, The handle unscrews to reveal a cork stopped Glass Phial and two small brass drinking thimbles. inside the shaft of the stick.