Top Hat Repair - Silk Top Hat Refurbishment

Silk Top Hat Refurbishment services, Top Hat Repairs, from a basic polish to a "full house" repair, call us to see how we can help you with your old topper.

Is your Topper in Tip-Top shape? Did you buy one that does not just quite fit right? At Ascot Top Hats, we offer a cleaning and refurbishment service for Toppers and Bowlers and other headwear. Whilst we can reconform vintage silk top hats, to reshape them to your head to make them more comfortable, unfortunately we cannot make them larger.

The outer silk plush that gives the hat a beautiful sheen, is no longer in general production. It was last known to be produced in the late 1970ies.  But we have a limited stock of Vintage silk plush still on a roll! so can discuss, using Vintage or Modern other plush fabrics in repairs.

Typically, though with minor crown edge ("square") wear/damage to a hat's plush we can darken-down the offending area with traditional and new techniques, to disguise the wear on the hat, so one's eye is taken to the overall polished sheen, not the missing plush - Good old Hatter's Magic!

Re-Blocking if needed, involves the ironing of the hat to attempt to remove dents and creases. Like with any damaged item, it can be light or extensive. We can give you an better estimate when we see a hat as to if we are willing to proceed.

A list of some general repair costs is provided below, but this is not a full nor an extensive list of all our services, so please do call us on 01344 638 838 to discuss yout exact needs. 

General Indicative Work - Depends on Hat's condition Type and Materials Estimate Price (From)
Replacement Hatband - Felt Mourning Felt Hatband £60
Brush Clean & Polish Brush Clean and Traditional Polish £60
Fitting / Reshaping Hat to Head - Felt Remoulding Felt Shell Hat by Steaming of Brim to remould to fit head shape £60
Replacement Lining Replacement / Refurbishment / Repair of Liner (Depends on Hat's condition Type and Materials) £75
Replacement Hatband & Bow - Ribbon Depends on Bow Type (if applicable) and Materials £95
Fitting / Reshaping Hat to Head -  Gossamer Shell Remoulding Gossamer Shell Hat by Heating of Brim to remould to fit head shape £100
Replacement Sweatband New Leather Sweatband sewn in (Depends on Hat's condition Type and Materials) £100
Replacement Brim Binding Edge Replacement of Edge Ribbon (Depends on Hat's condition Type and Materials) £150
Re-Blocking work Ironing out creases in Crown Body and Brim, Brush Clean & Polish £150
Inside and Under Refurb Replacement Sweatband, Merino, Brim Binding, Brush Clean & Polish £400
Full Refurb Replacement Lining, Sweatband, Merino, Brim Binding, Hatband (& Bow) Brush Clean & Polish £500
Full House Replacement Lining, Sweatband, Merino, Brim Binding, Hatband (& Bow) Brush Clean & Polish, Fitting £550

Parts of a Top Hat

Crown - Cylindrical Main Body of a Top Hat
Square - The corner outer edge of the top of the Crown

Brim - Surrounds the Cylindrical Crown
Brim Binding – Ribbon around outer edge of Brim

Hatband (& Bow) – Fabric around base of Crown, above the Brim
Merino - Fabric cloth underside of Brim (of a Silk Plush Top Hat)

Sweatband – Inside of Hat, to provide comfort to wearer
Lining - Inside liner of sides and/or tip (top) of a Hat

Silk Plush - The outer long napped silk fabric that give a hat a high lustre and sheen
Melusine - A Fur Felt Fabric, with a long nap that gives a near appearance of Silk Plush
Shell - The underneath core structure of Top Hat usually using a Gossamer (made of Calico and Schellac) if a Silk Plush Top Hat​​​​​, or for a felt Top Hat it is one combined body of solid felt

Silk Plush Gossamer Melusine
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