Shooting Seat Stick - Umbrella Green

Brown leather sling seat and covered handles and the seat also incorporates a green umbrella. Fitted with a Spiked ferrule and folding ground plate to prevent the stick sinking into the ground when sat upon.

Umbrellas have been used for centuries as a protection against the sun and rain, combined with a shooting stick seat this is perfect for those country visits. 

  • Manual opening, steel frame, Fibreglass ribs for extra strength
  • High performance Nylon cover
  • Length including handle  (Walking Height) Approx. 96cm (Sitting Height) Approx 81cm
  • Span when open Approx. 91cm
  • Weight Approx. 965g Recommended user weight limit is 100kg (approximately 16 stone)
Available with optional add on rubber ferrule to fit over the spike to allow the stick to be used on hard flat ground or pavements. Note the rubber ferrule has a limited use lifespan (replacements can be purchased) if used when sitting on the stick the rubber ferrule lifespan will be reduce accordingly.
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