Sabrage Champagne Sword - Biquet Sabre with Case

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This modern Sabrage version of a Classic design is based on briquette sabre of the Napoleonic War ear. It has a blade length of Approx 37cm with a Brass style metal guard and comes with Wooden Presentation Box.

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Enjoy Champagne the best way and take the top off a Bottle of Bubbles with a Champage Sabre. This  modern version of a Classic design is based on briquette sabre of the Napoleonic War ear. It  has a blade length of Approx 37cm with a Brass style metal guard and comes with Wooden Presentation Box. Presently this item is for Local Pickup and Purchase. If you wish item shipped please phone us on 01344 638 838 to discuss options.

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When Shipping we ship replica Sabrage swords to the UK Only. You must be over 18yrs of age to purchase. By Purchasing this item you affirm that your are 18years or older. We may also do Age Verification checks on you prior to sending, and on delivery. Postage (if provided) is considered a Premium service above normal site postage due to additional checks.

Method of Sabrage

  • Sabrage should only be conducted by adults properly trained and recommend caution unless you are experienced at the art. The below points should assist the budding enthusiast Sabreur.
  • Chill and rest the bottle and the neck evenly, preferable 24Hrs beforehand. This may be done in the fridge or with the bottle upside down with the neck in a bucket of ice for a few hours beforehand.
  • Do not sabrage towards anyone or anything that can be broken or harmed. Also make sure no one is within reach of you as you swing with the sword. Glass will be landing in area that you will need to clean up afterwards.
  • Remove the foil and the muselet (wire cage). Hold the sabre in dominant hand, and other holding the bottle in a cupped hand with thumb in the punt of the bottle.
  • Hold the bottle at about 45 degrees away from yourself, making sure there is a big clear space in front of you and around you. Always make sure the area you perform in is clear from obstructions in front of you where the cork can fly.
  • Look for the seam in the length of the bottle (one either side), place the FLAT edge of the blade physically ON the shoulder, on the seam (usually) just above where the curved neck label is.
  • Sweep/Slide the flat edge of the blade briskly and firmly down the bottle to the ridge of the neck in a swift motion. Note your swing starts physical contacted with the bottle.
  • The cork still sealed within the glass annulus should fly away!
  • Sabrage!


Not all Sparkling wine bottles can be Sabraged, as a general rule: Many Champagne and numerous English Sparkling Wine bottles can be Sabraged it Principally depends on the method of making the Glass (not the contents!). Italian / Prosecco bottles can often be made in a different manner, without the end Annulus attached in same way on top on the body of bottle, as such Prosecco bottles are often avoided.

The sabre doesn't actually CHOP OR CUT the end off. This tool is not used as a Knife or a regular sword! When it slides down and strikes the lip on the neck of the bottle (annulus) the weight of the blade acts more like a chisel causing the end & cork to fracture and separate from the neck, the expelling gas usually blows away shards of glass should any occur.

The type of Blade you use effects the most appropriate method of sabrage, depending on the length, weight and which is the flat of the side of blade.

With longer swords like the Briquet, a sliding curved Backhand motion (similar to a tennis racquet backhand) can also be used depending on if the front or the back of the blade is flat. If using a large real sword with a live/sharp blade then use the flat back of the blade.

CAUTION: Always check for loose shards of glass before pouring and serving, even if it blows away. Whilst sabrage uses the Blunt side of a Blade, the swords can still be pointed. Please take care when handling them; Keep blades safe and away from children and minors at all times. Also be careful serving with the sabrage bottle, so it does not cut you or others with the sharp top where the neck has been sabraged. Also take care when cleaning up bottles afterwards, remember to pick up the sabraged cork and pieces of glass immediately afterwards to keep the area safe for humans as well as pets.

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