Initialing Service - Vintage Enamel Style - Personalised / Customised

Customise your hat with these Classic Enamel Style Initials.

We cut holes in the sweatband, then mount each oval into the band. Done on New Hats online, or if you have a old hat you may bring it in ( by Appointment) and we may be able to mount them.

Note: This is a Made To Specification service - and will make any hat that you select with the initials also Made To Specification. The Initials are inserted into hats with Leather or Leather Style Sweatbands only. We mount them on the side of the crown onto the inside sweatband on the left side (example leather sweatband shown in photo).

Up to 4 Initials are included for the set price. If you wish more than 4 please contact us for a quote. ( Enter "-" in drop down for no initial selection)

Ascot Top Hats
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