Hat Stretcher / Hat Jack - Adjustable

The Hat Stretcher or Hat Jack is used to maintain the size of your hat or cap, by reducing the likelihood of shrinkage subsequent to a hat or cap getting wet.

NOTE: Printing of "name" on the Wooden Section Varies.

The Hat Stretcher has tapered sides allowing it to fit into the hat or cap easily, and is more suited for soft headwear such as soft felt hats or flat caps. Hats stretchers come in 3 Sizes that take into account the different widths of a hat. Pick the one that is nearest (or slightly under) to your hat width.

  • Small - RED - (approx. 13.5cm Width) - For hat sizes 52cm to 60cm
  • Medium - BLUE - (approx. 15.5cm Width) - For hat sizes 56cm to 63cm
  • Large - BLACK- (approx. 16.5cm Width) - For hat sizes 57cm to 65cm
Hat Jack
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