Hat Brush - Curved Brim Brush and Velvet Fingermouse

Traditional curved hat brush with soft bristles designed to get underneath the edge curl of the Top or Bowler hat brim and Velvet Fingermouse ™ for polishing plush hats.

A new way to keep you Melusine or Silk Top Hat resplendent. Whilst the traditional larger Velvet Pinch Pad ™ is the best method for polishing, it is a tad too large to carry around to the races being as it is very bulky. Our Velvet Fingermouse ™ is easy to carry, slips on a finger to quickly touch-up and wipe away most unsightly finger marks from a Plush Top Hat during your day out.

Keep a different brush per colour of hat, so you do not transfer felt or other contaminants between them.

Oiled Pearwood Hat Brush
Approx 23.5cm

Ascot Top Hats
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