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Champagne Bottle Cooler - Rapid Ice - Vacu Vin Black Chiller Black

The Rapid Ice Champagne Cooler, specifically designed for botttles of Sparkling Wine.

Champagne Bottle Cufflinks - Enamel Style

Champagne Bottle Novelty Cufflinks. Painted in an Enamel Style.

Champagne Bottle Stopper - Bubble Bung - Sparkling Wine Stopper

Stainless steel reuseable Champagne Bottle Stopper.

Champagne Cork Parachute - Champichute

A wonderful way to enjoy opening a bottle of Champagne, Prosecco or Sparkling Wine. Reusable.

Champagne Wine Glass Holder - Steady Stick - Picnic Glass Holder

Champagne Wine Glass Holder - Steady Stick (Pack of 2) 

Sabrage Champagne Sword  - Cutlass Sabre with Stand

This Sabrage modern version of a Classic Cutlass Sword design. It has a curved blade (length of under 50cm) with a Dark Bronze style metal guard and a Wooden Presentation Stand.

The Wine Bottle Glass - Full Bottle in one Glass 750ml

This glass is perfect for your favourite white, red or rosé wine.

Tipsy Topple - Champagne Glass Jenga Pyramid Topple Game

A game for those with nerves of steel and steady hands!