Fitting Service Silk Hats - Personalised / Customised

Reconform a Silk Top hat from it's standard "off the shelf" shape to fitting more comfortably moulded to your head.

Purchase is for a personalised service (not the equipment illustrated) to be performed on gossamer shelled headwear additionally purchased on same order, or sent in by you (subject to prior agreement by us) to us. The Service is normally performed on hard shell headwear such as gossamer shell Silk Top Hats / Bowler Hats. 

The Service will attempt to reconform a hat from it's standard "off the shelf" shape to a shape more suited to your head shape, based upon measurements taken. It will make the hat fit better.

NOTE: You need to have been measured to purchasing this service. Please contact prior to purchase for approval. Once fitted to your head shape, the headwear on your order is considered to be Made to Specification, and Personalised Goods and cannot be returned as with normal non-customised goods.

Silk Plush Gossamer
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United Kingdom
Ascot Top Hats
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