Fine Fur Felt Fedora - Black

The Classic Town and Country Fur Felt Fedora. This Fedora comes with a leather sweatband and a matching black grosgrain hatband and bow.

Trilby and Fedora Hats for sale come in various types and colours, this is a Classic Town and Country Fur Felt hat in Black. Excellent for Countryside Events or with a Suit in the City, this Fedora comes with a white satin liner, and a premium leather sweatband inside and is finished with a matching Grosgrain Hat Band and Bow on the Left Side.

The Fedora has over time become a generic term for a larger (above 2") brimmed felt hat with top creased crown with two dents either side at the front, whereas the Trilby usually denotes a hat of similar style but the brim being under 2". The Fedora style can be made in many materials and fabrics, but in purest form it is a soft felt hat. Fur felt traditionally having a better resistance to the elements than wool felt as well as a more luxurious feel.

Having a large brim we can (please contact on 01344 638 838 prior to ordering) cut the brim size down to a smaller size making an off-the-shelf Fedora into a made to specification Fedora / Trilby.


Brim width Approx. 2&1/2"  ( varies 2&1/4 to 2&5/8 inch proportionally upwards as hat size increases).

Grosgrain Hat Band and Bow width Approx. 2&1/4 "

Hat Size:
Fur Felt
Country of Origin:
Czech Republic
Commodity Code:
Try & Lilly
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