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Hats Made to Order / Commission Work

From Ceremonial Top Hats for Porters, Yeoman, Hotel Doorman, and Coachman to Cocked Hats /Tricorns for Town Criers. We will be happy to discuss you hatting needs. The initial stage will be to discuss your requirement, then we usually measure your head using our Conformateur.   Please call us on 01344 638 838 to discuss your requirements.

Yeoman Pricker Top Hat trimmed with Mylar Coloured Gold Lace Conformateur and Formillion used to measure Head Top Hat for Ambassador of Elegance at Royal Ascot - 5 Cords to represent Wu Xing, and Traditional Frog Closure instead of standard Grosgrain Bow and Band, Peacock Eye on Burnt Peacock Feather Hackle to represent nobility


Yorkshire Town Crier Tricorn Handmade White Yorkshire Rose Cockade set on the Sepal for East Ridings with mounted Gold Plated sovereign in centre, Black Ostrich Fringe plumes and Gold Mylar Brim Binding

Ascot Top Hats