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Black Fur Felt Melusine Top Hat - Olney

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Top of the range Olney topper in polished melusine black fur felt. Approx. 5¼ inch crown with a grosgrain hatband and bow and a leather sweatband
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Top Hats for sale come in various types and colours, this Black Topper is made from a "Melusine" Fur Felt, that gives the appearance of a Vintage Silk Plush Top Hat. It is a Polished Top Hat, and can show a luxurious high sheen and lustre similar to an antique silk top hat (or a beaver top hat)effect due to long nap fibres of the "Melusine" fur felt as opposed to a "Drab" fur felt. It comes with a standard leather sweatband and finished with a Grosgrain Hat Band and Bow on the Left Side, and a machine stitched brim bound edge. 

The Olney model Melusine is softer, less stiffened, than a Christys' model Melusine, so it is easier to wear if you are unable to have a hat fitted and reconformed to be set to your head shape. Being a softer felt it can more easily conform to your head shape when you put it on your head.

--- Note: Olney Headwear is no longer in production so this is a When it's Gone, It's Gone sale. We no longer expect to get more of this product in stock. ---

The Topper, at about 5¼" crown height, provides a classic Victorian or Edwardian Period fashion wear style, a refined look perfect for The Social Season in the UK, including the Royal Enclosure Dress Code for Gentlemen at Ascot Racecourse, Weddings, Investitures, Coach / Carriage Driving andother Formal occasions.

We can also provide an additional optional fitting service, where we can measure your head shape, as well as your hat size, then remould the correct size Top Hat to your head shape to make it fit more comfortably. This process is usually done at our country workshop by our Hatter in person. Call us on 01344 638 838 for details.


Whilst this is a stiffened Top Hat it is not designed or intended as a Safety Riding Hat.

Hat Body Material: Fur Felt

Approx. Crown Height: 13 cm (5¼")

Hat Size:
Fur Felt
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Czech Republic
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