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About Us

Ascot Top Hats provide antique silk top hats, as well as new toppers and other formal or occasional gentlemen's headwear. We are by appointment only but also travel to a number of Events and Shows throughout the Year. We use both new techniques and processes to complement the old methods we use.

The company was founded selling vintage Silk Top Hats and new Top Hats from Christys'. Over time our range expanded cover other traditional headwear and accessory suppliers including Classic Canes, Dents, Olney, Stetson, Herbert Johnson and Patey Hats.

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Our Company Motto is "Faber Causiarum Altarum", It comes from the Latin words: Faber (Workman/craftsman), Causia (A wide brimmed hat) and Alta (Tall). There is no direct translation in Latin for a Top Hat, so the nearest translation coudl be: "Maker of tall hats" or "Workman/craftsman of tall hats".  Causia changes to causiarum and alta changes to altarum as in genitive plural. Causia is the Latin for Kausia (in Ancient Greek: καυσία) which appears as a Macedonian hat with a Flat top.

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