Shipping and Returns

NOTE: Shipping and Returns - This is an partial "Extract" of Our Terms and Conditions. For Full Terms and Conditions Please "Terms and Conditions" Page

Delivery & Collection

Unless otherwise agreed: - Items Made to Specification, and second-hand goods that may require work on the item prior to shipment and this could exceed 30 days. We will provide You with an indication of the time for completion at the time of acceptance of Your order; - New Goods (excluding items Made to Specification) will normally be delivered within the UK within 14 days or less of clearance of funds but can take up to 30 days; - For International deliveries transit time vary and may exceed 14 days from postage, depending on postage service used, and any International customs or other country clearance requirements; - If items are delayed or anticipated to be delayed by more than 30 days from the date of purchase We will contact You with options available which may (with the exception of items Made to Specification) include cancellation of order; - Any date of delivery provided by Us is give as an estimate only and may vary, We do not provide any guarantee of meeting any delivery times and time is not of the essence for the delivery of Goods or the performance of any Services - Delivery may be in person by Us or Our representative, via courier, or other country Mail Service; - A signature is normally required on acceptance, and international orders may require customs or other country clearance; - You agree that for delivery of Goods to an address You provide, that any person identified to be at the address You provided for delivery (including if instructed, and permitted, delivery to a neighbour) is authorised to accept physical possession of goods, and that risk then passes to You on acceptance of delivery. - If You are not available on the day of delivery then You may be required to go to the local post office or a pickup point as instructed by courier / postal service within a time instructed by the courier / Postal service, or comply with redelivery times and instructions by the service; - The courier or delivery service may (but are not required to) attempt to re-deliver on a subsequent day (depending or service used in country). There will be a limit to the redelivery attempts (if re-delivery is provided). -If You do not contact the delivery service in accordance with their instructions, or You do not comply with any customs or country clearance instructions and payments, the Goods may be returned to Us after a period of time. The period of time held will vary on the courier or delivery service used, or Customs service procedures; - Change of delivery address is not normally permitted; - Any additional requested re-deliveries, or any permitted change will be at Our discretion only; - Any permitted additional requested re-deliveries, deliveries on weekends, and changes in delivery address may require additional charges, and are considered as a separate Premium Delivery Service; - If You consider that time is of the essence We request that You collect the items in person, or You provide Your own representative who will be responsible to inspect, accept and transport goods in person on Your behalf Ex Works from our Address; - Orders that are collected from our Address are by prior appointment only. Collection is at our exclusive agreement and availability and if permitted by at a time and date subject to Our availability; and - In all cases, any collection and transport by You or Your representative is at your Own risk.

Cancellation by UK Customers

i. Cancellation of Not Made to Specification Goods and/or Services that are purchased via Our Website or by distance means:

If You are a UK consumer (individual customer) You may cancel your order within 14 days without giving any reason. The cancellation period will expire 14 days from the day on which You or Your representative acquires physical possession of the Goods.

If You are a UK non-consumer (business customer) then where permitted by law, cancellation of orders is at Our discretion. Please contact Us via email ( to confirm if cancellation is possible and for further details.

To request to cancel You must notify Us immediately by email to You must provide Us with a clear statement of Your decision to cancel this contract. You may also fill in and submit the model Cancellation Form or any other clear statement on Our Website. If You use this option, We will communicate to You an acknowledgement of receipt of such cancellation..

To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for You to send Your communication concerning Your exercise of the right to cancel before the cancellation period has expired.

We cannot guarantee that We will be able to stop Your order once We receive notice of cancellation as the Goods may already have been despatched. In these cases the Goods will need to be returned to Us.

If You cancel your Order, for UK consumers: We will reimburse to You all payments received from You, including the costs of delivery (except for the supplementary costs arising if You chose a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by Us).

We may make a deduction from the reimbursement for loss in value of any Goods supplied if the loss is the result of unnecessary handling by You.

We will make the reimbursement without delay and not later than: - 14 days after the day We receive back from You any Goods supplied, or - (If earlier) 14 days after the day We have evidence that You have returned the Goods, or - If there are no Goods supplied, 14 days after the day on which We are informed about your decision to cancel this contract.

We will make this reimbursement using the same means of payment as You used for the initial transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise; in any event You will not incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement. We may withhold reimbursement until We have received the Goods back or We have evidence of You having sent back the Goods, whichever is the earliest.

You should send the Goods back or hand them over to Us ( by appointment) at Our Address without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which You communicate Your cancellation from the contract to Us. The deadline is met if You send the Goods back before the period of 14 days has expired.

We may recover by deducting from the refund an amount for any diminished value (up to the contract price) of the Goods resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Goods.

You will have to bear all the costs of returning the Goods.

ii. Cancellation of Not Made to Specification Goods and/or Services that are purchased in person at Our Site of Business:

Where permitted by law; Cancellation of orders made in person (Dependant if On or Off Premises) of Goods and/or Services Not Made to Specification is at Our discretion.

iii. Cancellation of Made to Specification Goods and/or Services that are purchased via Our Website or by distance means, or in person at Our Site of Business:

Where permitted by law; Cancellation of orders of Goods and/or Services Made to Specification, for orders for personalised Goods, or Goods which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly is at Our discretion only

Cancellation by International Customers

Where permitted by law, cancellation of orders is at Our discretion. Please contact Us via email ( to confirm if cancellation is possible and for further details.

Replacements, Exchanges & Other Returns

Please contact Us via email ( if replacement is possible and for details of our acceptable return service, and the Address to send/return items to.

You are responsible for the costs of returning Goods to Us, unless explicitly agreed to by Us in writing in You.

If You wish to exchange or replace an order, We may request additional payment for postage costs for sending replacement goods, or for resending returned goods. Additional payment charges will be considered a separate Premium Delivery Service.

If a return for replacement was because of an error on Our part, upon the return of Goods to Us; We may (at Our Discretion) refund the initial delivery charges in sending the order to You, and We may (at Our Discretion) also refund Your costs in returning it to Us (subject to sending via the agreed acceptable return service).

If return was because of an error on Your part, (e.g. Goods are sent using data or details provided by You to Us, which turns out the be in error); We may request You to pay for any additional return costs, or that the cost of return be deducted if a refund is applicable.

If Your order is refused or returned, by You, The Customs or the delivery agent/postal service in Your country, due to inaccurate data provided to US by You, Your non availability, or Your refusal to take delivery. You may be responsible for the return costs including any additional fees incurred by Us in the return.

If Your order is returned and you request it to be resent out, We may request You to pay for an additional Postal charge as a Premium Deliver Service, before re-sending of returned goods.

Where permitted by Law, any additional costs not paid by You and incurred by Us in any return process (including but not limited to return import taxes and duties, or unpaid return postage and charges) may be deducted from any order value prior to any refund (if applicable) being made.

If the cost to return the items is disproportionately costly to the value of the order; You agree that We may (at Our discretion) opt to have the Customs or the delivery agent/postal service dispose of the order. If disposal is exercised; Where permitted by Law the costs (up to the cost of the order being disposed) that would have been incurred by Us in any Return Process, may be deducted from any order value prior to any refund ( if applicable) being made.

Care of Goods

You agree to keep the Goods that are to be returned in reasonable condition and return Goods promptly to Us. You agree reasonable is interpreted as including: Goods will not be used apart from the minimal required level to try the Goods upon initial receipt, and that any tags will not be removed. When returned to Us Goods will be subject to examination by Us.

We request that original postal packaging is also to be returned.

Damaged or Faulty Goods & Complaints

If You receive Goods sent by Us that are damaged in receipt please notify Us within 24Hours of receipt of delivery via email to for return instructions.

If the Goods received are obviously damaged We require You to sign any delivery acceptance as "damaged" upon receipt.

Please keep the original packaging and return to Us if requested. We may also request You to send photographic evidence of damaged items.

If You discover a fault with any Goods You must report it promptly. Any returns must be from the person who purchased the Goods or Service from Us.

If a fault is discovered after 6 months from purchase, We require You to provide proof of purchase, and proof that the Goods or Service were faulty when initially purchased.

For Goods sold to the UK that have already been accepted, and that We acknowledge as being faulty; We will within a reasonable time and upon return of the Goods (if requested by Us) at Our discretion offer to: - Repair the goods; or - Replace the goods with a similar item

If We cannot do the above We will: - Offer that You keep the Goods and offer You a reduction on the purchase price to compensate for the fault; or - Offer that You return the Goods and rescind the contract, then offer You a refund.

For Goods sold to the UK that have not yet been accepted by You and that We acknowledge as being faulty; We will offer to: - Repair the Goods - Replace the Goods with a similar item; - Offer You a credit note; - Offer You a reduction on the purchase price to compensate for the fault; or - Offer You a refund.

For Goods sold internationally that have already been accepted, and that We acknowledge as being faulty: We will review each case on the specific situation.

When reviewing goods for refund or replacing We will take into account if the initial purchase price of goods reflected any reduction (Including but not limited to Goods being second hand or purchased with faults) when they were accepted, and also any interim use, wear and tear when considering and assessing quality and being fit for purpose and the refund amount.

If You have a complaint our complaint handling policy is for You to notify Us in writing via email to and We will address it internally.



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